The Sledging Laboratory

Looking for somewhere fun, educational and sporty to take the whole family?

We highly recommend Brisbane's Sledging Laboratory. 

It's right here, at Brisbane's Sledging Laboratory, that some of Australia's greatest sporting put downs and withering sledges have been perfected under strict laboratory conditions.

Ed O'Neill is the lead scientist on the project and has been testing out appropriate insults for decades.

Some of Ed's work includes: "Can't bowl, can't throw"; "Would you like me to bowl you a piano and see if you can bowl that?" and his 1998 classic: "Shame you dropped the catch, but hearing your voice you've got a few more balls ready to drop." This one he used on a small child before giving it to Steve Waugh.

The Sledging Laboratory is a place where you can see the devastating effects of sledges being used in laboratory conditions. And family members will pick up a few new ones themselves to try out!

Ed O'Neill, says: "We carefully test each insult - does it measure  up? Does it destroy the souls of the U18 B-side cricket team we're toying with?"

The laboratory mostly creates sledges for cricket but is now moving into golf, AFL and even chess. O'Neill is currently working on "you call that a rook?" sledge for a Russian grandmaster.

Check out our audio where we visited the Sledging Laboratory below... VOICES: Briony Williams andDaryl Cusbert and Jude Cusbert