Classic Aussie Music Acts

Australia has always had a proud and strong culture of producing amazing musical acts. Also some boring ones and pretty terrible ones. From the Ford Falcons and Moist Safety Blanket through to Token Assyrians and The Shannon Noll Tribute Band here’s a quick cheat note on some of the all time great musical acts in Australia. 

Rock band playing to an audience BW
The Ford Falcons during their BW phase


​This classic hardworking Aussie rock band have been around forever.  They’re famous for their wild lifestyle and unusual approach to brick masonry. Though they’ve been playing for 39 years they only have one song, the anthem She’s A House Brick. They usually play this sixty seven times in one concert. Fist fights between the band and the audience have become a staple of the show. There’s been instances, where the audience have attacked the band a day before the show to save buying a ticket. Despite their legendary status in the music industry the band is yet to release an album.

Shayla performing at the ‘Let’s Re-Assess International Debt for Third World Countries’ Dance Rave


Shayla is a former star from the popular TV teen soap The Sinister Cold Hands That Strangle. She turned her back on acting and went straight into fun, hi energy pop, scoring a number one hit with the summer anthem The Armenian Genocide. This was followed up by another massive pop hit, the party stopping Crippling Water Shortages of 1932.  Despite her sucesss her music is often dismissed as frothy and her lyrics as banal, for instance the ballad Australia Get Yourself (A Human Rights Charter). Shayla is defiantly about partying and having fun. Her new album What Happened To The Tasmanian Aborigines? is an example of how she gives the crowds what they want. And who can resist the chirpy club hit – We Need To Talk About Famine.


Electro dance pop duo who use smirking, ironic gazing and bored pouting to convey their message that they really don’t like you. They’ve recently branched out into sardonic eyebrow raising as seen on their latest album Uhh …yah. Fuselage have always produced ground breaking music videos, such as the one for Tots… Perf where they order six espressos and then sigh wearily when they arrive. One magazine described Fuselage: “Their giant influence over the electro pop dance scene can’t be underestimated. And once they learn how to play instruments and start adding music into their work they will be unstoppable.”


Brisbane based all girl band whose spiky, pop anthems have all been huge hits with the Australian public. The Real Michelles were formed when members of The Rachels and The Suzies met in a minor traffic accident in which only a bass player and two pedestrians died. This was commemorated on their first hit: Ouch On Albert Street.

To give their group more authenticity all band members changed their names to Michelle. Despite their dynamic stage presence there’s long been tension between the singer, Michelle and the bass player Michelle. At one point things got so bad that all four members left the band which made touring very tricky (The infamous Empty Stage tour). Michelle formed the Real Real Michelles as a side project. They now tour with the Real Michelles as a support band.


Beloved critical darlings, the Rodneys have never had mainstream success but are revered for their dreamy melodies, sharp and clever lyrics and their obsession with avocados. From their early EP Avocado Heaven to their psychedelic masterpiece Avocado! Avocado! Avocado! The Rodneys have always fiercely championed the lush green fruit. Even when they went through an odd asparagus phase, detailed on 2009’s Asparagus Time!  they quickly returned to their main source material on 2011’s critically adored Avocados: Gimme Avocados. Despite the band’s relentless promotion of avocados, the Avocado Growers’ Association has never used any of their songs, saying the band was a just “a little too into avocados”.