Careers With Awestralia


We’re always on the hunt for exciting new talent that we can exploit, manipulate work with. Please send through your CV and samples of work to the email somewhere below. If you don’t have a CV or have never done any work, that’s fine too. We’re pretty open to anyone who’ll come and work for free.

Current jobs:

DATA TILLER: This hands on role will see you tilling data far across the reaches of the grommits and scullying all kinds of chemical wibjabs using only numbers, your native wits and your bare hands. Sometimes the numbers won’t stack up, sometimes they will. It’s best you stay hush hush about any wacky bits of data you find. This is not a job for the squeamish. (Though if you are squeamish we certainly have other roles for you).

SALARY: To be negotiated. (frankly its best if you go in with low expectations).

WORD WRANGLER: As a growing website that explains everything you need to know about Australia, we are frequently stuck trying to find great new words that spell out how awesome it is. In this thriving, bustling role you will scour the corners of dictionaries and the internet to find some new words we can use. Then wrangle the words, wrestle them to the ground and bring them back to us!

SALARY: To be negotiated. (frankly its best if you go in with low expectations).

FOOD GATHERER AND HEAT PROVIDER: In this exciting new role you’ll be sourcing all kinds of yummy edibles and delicious beverages for our hard working staff to scoff down. They’re pretty hungry and always thirsty so this will be a job that will keep you on your toes! A secondary role is heat provider, which will entail finding things that keep everyone warm such as blankets, cardboard boxes and sometimes you’ll be asked to snuggle with people. Though not Damien obviously!

SALARY: This is a special pro bono position that we’ve generously created free from the demands of income or payment. You may have to shell out some cash for food and drinks.

Interested in any of these jobs or just like emailing people? We have an email address! All inquiries below: