All My Friends Are Leaving Queensland – The Musical!

A fabulous new musical film comedy is about to hit Australian cinemas: All My Friends Are Leaving Queensland – The Musical. It follows the lives of several twentysomething friends, who leave Queensland in the early 2000s, believing it is too “redneck”. They travel to Victoria, then return two decades later.

Says writer/ director Jay Goulding, “I was a Queensland refugee myself in 2008. I went to Melbourne and Sydney and had a great time. Then, like most people my age, I couldn’t actually afford to live there! So then I came back to Brissie and discovered it wasn’t as bad as I thought!’

The movie uses popular staples of Queensland music from Rick Springfield (pictured) to Crowded House (not pictured) as well as more recent acts like Savage Gardenia and Dope Sounds Of Melbourne. Originally staged as a theatre play in a flatmates bedroom (while the flatmate was sleeping! ) the show become so popular it transferred around the country before finally becoming an independent theatre release.

It has a cast of young and exciting, upcoming stars such as Danno Crux, Olivia Stead and Bunty Best. There are other names in the movie too. But sadly those weren’t revealed to us. But it wouldn’t be a Queensland movie without a few local big names!

So don’t be surprised at seeing local cricketing legend Merv Hughes, comedic legend, Dave Hughes and culinary wit Hugh Hughes all make an appearance at a certain point! It’s what the film’s producers call “A Hughes Whammy!” And yes, the big banana, Merv even dusts off the mic and sings a few songs!

The movie’s producers hope the film will be like an Australian Mamma Mia! with a terrific pop soundtrack and a great comedic romantic triangle.

Director Goulding says he has high hopes for the movie: “I just want to make folks laugh and have a great night out, but it’d be nice if it goes places too!” Goulding is hoping the movie will make enough money for his next project – Garage Renovation. We thought it was  a lovely title for a movie but with typical dry wit, Goulding pointed out that he meant he just wanted to renovate his 2 door garage in Paddington, Brisbane, into a 4 door garage. Well, Jay, here’s hoping the money rolls in so you can!

All My Friends Are Leaving Queensland (The Musical) will open on limited release on April 1st 2022