Eddie McGuire Pop Up Dinners


Are the days of pop up dinners over in Australia? Well, not quite yet! One new pop up dinner is taking the country by storm. The series of Eddie McGuire pop up dinners have proved a massive hit in Victoria, Collingwood and other parts of Victoria with the exception of most of Melbourne and other parts of Victoria.

Who is Eddie McGuire?

Explorer, adventurer, chef, sock wearer and occasional TV host and football club owner, Eddie is renowned in Australia for his insightful contributions to race relations.

It is thought that the rock band Eddy Current Suppression Ring named themselves after his penchant for trying to put some of this more awkward statements back up his bottom. Eddie has been a major media player in Australia for many years: he’s shown a versatility in being a nob on multiple platforms.

So just what are the pop up dinners?

Just imagine. You’re walking along a road. It’s a quiet road with only one car loudly playing an advert for Kyle Sandilands. You want to attack the car, but the car has gone.

Yet in its wake a small flyer has been left lying in the dust. The flyer reads: “Eddie M – Pop Up Dinner Tonight!” You angrily squish the flyer but its made out of a weird plastic that doesn’t quite fold. You try again. The same thing happens. It’s now starting to get a bit awkward.

So you scratch your armpit to deflect attention. You now study the brochure in detail. You realise: there was nothing more to see, it’s what you saw the first time – “Eddie M – Pop Up Dinner Tonight”. Still, it now looks more tantalising.

Where are they?

The “Eddie Ms” have generally been found around the Collingwood area of Melbourne, the Channel Ten parts of Sydney and the “piss off, don’t look at me, I’m trying to bone someone” bars on the Gold Coast.

What do you get?

For a lean Aussie $40 you get entrée, dinner, dessert and anecdotes, with extra lashings of very close, red faced encounters about that chick who really didn’t get that The Eddie Cannon Ready To Explode In Your Face! – actually meant that Eddie’s body of work is highly regarded – the bitch had no sense of humour.

So, what are they really?

How do you mean? You didn’t actually explain the first time… ok you’re not going to respond to a rhetorical question, in fact I don’t even know who I’m talking to… oh just forget it. Damn you.


Eddie McGuire pop ups have been trialling in Victoria but now will now move to other states. You can bone up on more news here. 

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