The Latham


It’s a themed restaurant with an unique twist. It’s based around Australian Federal Opposition leaders who’ve never won an election. 

Sydney’s always been renowned for its classic themed restaurants. There’s the Savage Garden Garden Bar; the Kyle Sandilands All-He-Can-Eat Bistro and the John Ibrahim Don’t Look, Just Keep Walking burger chain.

And now The Latham has arrived. It’s based around every single Opposition Leader who didn’t win an election. Financial consultant and former Liberal leader John Hewson reckons its a solid gold winner.

Mark Latham himself does a crooning number between tables which he mixes up with some gentle beats and headbutts and arm breaks.

Menu items include: Stuffed Peacock; Crean Soup and Shorten Bread. 

download furniture

While crowds haven’t been flocking to it just yet, the owners are hoping the addition of tables and chairs (see photo above) will increase the interest.

If you love Opposition Leaders who’ve never had a snowball’s chance of winning government and you like to eat food, this could be for you!

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